More About Me

About Adam

I grew up in Portland.

Born in Seattle and after living in Tacoma for 5 years my family moved to Portland when I was 10 years old.  I stayed in Oregon to attend Linfield College where I graduated with a degree in Communications.  I have left Portland several times but have always found myself back here as I do truly love the Portland Metro area.

Real Estate Sales is more accurately “Real Estate Services”

I have been in sales in one form or another for a long time.  Starting buy working in a recycled metal yard in my teens, I moved to international trading and ran my own company for several years.  Sales to me means establishing a relationship so that people get the solution they want.

Sales is about understanding your clients, knowing the market and using resources to get full market value.

One of the most important skills I learned was how to step back to see a problem and find solutions that may not be apparent at first.  This involves research, collaboration and proper execution. 

Good sales put the client’s needs first.  Real estate is not a straightforward transaction.  It has various deadlines some that need to be done quickly and some that take much longer.  With my background in working with a variety of people and negotiating contracts, I help move deals forward.